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How nice is it when you know what you are drinking, that you know how that great wine you last drank is made, that you notice differences between one bottle and another and that you recognize wines with cork as such. There is so much to tell about wine, so much to learn and so much to discover. Wine never gets boring.

Have you always wanted to know more about wine? Have you passed the start-up phase and would you like to deepen your basic knowledge? Or does your job require broader wine knowledge? We are happy to show you (further) through the wonderful wine world.

Sharing Wine has a modern classroom - fully equipped - behind the wine shop on Fahrenheitstraat from which three different courses at three different levels (see below) are given at set times. Sharing Wine teaches these courses in collaboration with the Wijnstudio and is affiliated with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust or WSET. All certificates issued by us are internationally recognized. The courses - suitable for wine lovers and (starting) wine bloggers as well as professionals without wine training - can be booked via www.wijnstudio.nl/cursussen. The dates on which the courses start are stated.


Introduction course A taste of wine: 1 evening of 3 hours

In a relaxed atmosphere you will be introduced to the main grape varieties. In this introductory course, we highlight the influences of the climate on wines. We teach you wine tasting and we explain the basic rules that apply to wine-food pairings. France is central during this evening. We will of course take care of tasting glasses, tasting forms and the necessary wines.


Basic wine course - level 1: 4 lessons of 3 hours

During this course you will learn a lot about viticulture, the terroir, the different wine growing regions in the world, making wine, but also about mistakes in some wines. Wine is tasted during these lessons on the basis of wine-food modules. A basic book of wine is included in this course. This book contains 180 pages of clear, well-structured information, diagrams and photos and 70 test questions in preparation for the exam after this course. No prior education is required for this course.


International Wine Certificate - WSET2: 8 lessons of 3 hours

In this course we will further elaborate on:

* Vineyard: soil, cultivation, harvest, diseases and climate

* Making wine: the wine cellar, techniques and temperature

* Learning to read labels: the sense and nonsense on the label

* Wine regions

* Fortified and sparkling wines: sherry, port and champagne

* Sweet wines: techniques, styles and regions

* Serving and storing wine

* Wine-food combinations

During this course, quality wines are tasted and assessed according to the WSET tasting method. You can start this course as soon as you have passed your basic exam. This course also includes a course book, as well as a color chart, an aroma circle and a box with three Schott Zwiesel tasting glasses.