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Pinotage is a national South African red grape and actually the only grape that is truly South African.In 1925, the grape was cultivated as a mix between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut.The taste varies from fruity to firm, full, dark and spicy.A characteristic of Pinotage wines are raspberries and banana in the scent and cherries, plums and herbs in the taste.
If you're lucky enough to have the right terroir and put in the effort Pinotage deserves, there is no wine that will be more rewarding.
Abrie Beeslaar is the winemaker of Kanonkop, one of the bigger players in Africa who is one of the best Pinotages in the country year after year.Since 2013, Abrie has 1 hectare of private land where he grows Pinotage into his own wine.So he only makes a limited number of bottles.The wine is extremely well appreciated in the Platter guide every year.Besides his good workmanship, Abrie is also a very nice South African, pleasantly smiley and a pleasure to work with.

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