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Denis Jamain's grandfather planted the first sauvignon blanc vine in his 2-hectare vineyard in 1935. At that time, the vineyards in Reuilly were destroyed by the Phylloxera virus and not very popular. Yet the man believed in Reuilly's terroir. He was absolutely right! The wine passion of Denis himself was only fueled at a later age, as a sort of second career. But he is certainly passionate, what a delicious wine!

The Domaine de Reuilly is in the heart of the apple orchard, with all 18 hectares of vineyards within the village itself. Of which the 11 ha sauvignon blanc and the 4 ha pinot noir are planted in Les Coignons and Pierres Plates in sand-lime bricks and clay soils. The pinot gris is planted in pebble sandy soil in the vineyards of Les Chatillons and Les Conges. Everything as specific as possible matching the grape variety. Denis Jamain leaves nothing to chance.

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