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SPHERA is a "boutique winery" specializing in the production of fine white wines, handmade by winemaker Doron Rav Hon. Minimalist intervention, precision and refinement are unique qualities that determine Rav Hon's personal touch. He studied viticulture in Burgundy and did an internship at various local farmers. In recent years he has become a respected winemaker through his dedicated and professional work in Israel. Every aspect of the winery is in harmony with the white concept: the sensitivity of an artist in combination with the use of natural, pure, clean processes and innovative technology and science.

Doran says: “There is something about white wine that excites me every time. The purity, exactness and the challenge to create it differently every time ”.

Stuart Pigott, international Riesling expert: "SPHERA’s Riesling is one of the 5 best in the world!"

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