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Stefano Amerighi

"My farm was born out of a desire that has grown over the years to produce a great Syrah through the farming traditions of the family, passion, knowledge in the wine world and the practice of biodynamics."

To achieve this goal, Stefano Amerighi has identified an area of ​​Chiuso di Cortona called Poggiobello di Farneta, with in the center, as if it were a cru, two well-exposed hills to the south, southeast, closed in an old pebble street in the west, a grove to the south and a ridge to the east to close the panorama.

The climatic and geological survey conducted on the farm later confirmed that this is the appropriate terroir for cloning and the selections of Syrah, carefully chosen personally in Valle del Rodano by Stefano himself.

The management of the vineyard adheres to the dictates of natural viticulture and biodynamic agriculture: pruning and the functioning of the soil are examined according to lunar and planetary phases; the phytosanitary protection is entrusted exclusively to the use of copper and sulfur distributed in minimal quantities, also thanks to maceration and the use of natural infusions, · biodynamic preparations liven up the soil and prevent any form of

All this is done to ripen the healthy bunches and to allow a vinification that is completely free of corrective and chemical products. After detuning, part of the grapes remain whole and another part is lightly pressed with foot and placed manually in small concrete barrels without the use of pumps. The fermentation is automatic, without selected yeasts, sulfur and controlled temperature. The refining is carried out in wood and cement for 14 months and the wine is bottled without filtration or stabilization.

The meetings with many employees who have guided Stefano in recent years have made it possible to integrate the initial desire to produce high quality wine with that of a larger-scale project, that is, to turn the company into a laboratory for the sustainability of agriculture. Today, Amerighi's intention is to propose a natural practice as an alternative to conventional farming by growing grains, vegetables and fruits for animal breeding, along with producing a great Syrah!
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