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Terres de Louisa

Wine below 8.5% is no longer legally called wine, but since Terres de Louisa is based on grapes, we call them alcohol-free wines for convenience. Wine without alcohol? And then also tasty? Hell yes! Try the organic "wines" of Terres de Louisa. Although they are not real wines, Terres de Louisa is by far the best non-alcoholic alternative that we have tasted so far. The label was founded by three engineers, none of whom drink alcohol. Frustrated with the fact that they could never find good, gastronomic non-alcoholic alternatives to wine, they started their own domain. Their "wine" groves are located in Béziers, in the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon. Here they grow various white and blue grape varieties and turn them into delicious non-alcoholic wines. Because they do not let the grape juice ferment, the alcohol does not have to be removed either. In addition, organic and without sulfite or animal products are used. This ensures very pure and pure grape juice. Fresh, not sweet and with a distinctive grape profile, this is a great alcohol-free alternative to wine.

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